deep fried octopus legs from the happy hour menu

Above: Tatsuta-Age (fried chicken thigh meat) | Below: Kimo (chicken liver)


Sasami with Yuzugoshou (spicy citrus flavor) and with Ume Shiso (plum paste)

Sumiya Yakitori in Santa Clara grills up my favorite yakitori in Silicon Valley. In translation, yakitori is meat (or veg) on a stick, Japanese style. And Sumiya does it best with quality, fresh meats and simple, clean flavors. Each and every skewer is perfectly seasoned, perfectly grilled with a precision only achieved by true grilling masters (which one day the hubs hopes to become).

On a recent date night, Brendan and I tried to keep it paleo (eep! ignore fried goodness above) with a few chicken and chicken liver skewers — all washed down with Asahi draft. With the foie gras ban in California, these delicious chicken livers satiate my need for that savory, creamy texture missing in my life.

On previous visits, I also enjoyed the cherry tomato skewers and the scallop ones, too. Also, an absolute must try is the crispy chicken skin with octopus salsa dip (yep, just gotta trust me on that one).

Important note: walk-ins are always accepted, but it’s a small restaurant with limited seating so try to make a res or expect to sit at the grilling bar — even on a week night. xx

Sumiya Yakitori
2634 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, 95051
ph: (408) 973-0604

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