A sudden craving for calamari combined with a prolonged craving for fried oysters prompted a late night run to Camelot Fish and Chips. We ordered to-go: classic fish & chips for Brendan, calamari & chips for me and a half order of fried oysters to share.

While we waited for our seafood goodies to be battered and fried, we ordered a 1066 ale (on tap) to sip while we enjoyed the interior ambiance. A little kitsch (I mean, c’mon, the door to the loo is fashioned after a London telephone booth) but inviting nonetheless. The British memorabilia sets the proper tone for the iconic English meal.

Overall, the meal satiated the cravings. My favorite was the oysters (although the hubby declared them “too oyster-y”) with the calamari in close second. The fish was a little too greasy and the chips not crisp enough.

When I return, I’ll indulge with a full order of oysters and refuse to share. xx

Camelot Fish & Chips
70 W. Manor Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044
ph: (650) 355-1555
**Cash Only

One thought on “CAMELOT FISH & CHIPS

  1. It all felt like appetizers rather than mains, but maybe a few more pints would make the fried food more fulfilling!

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